Annual Meeting Today, May 1, at 2pm!

All homeowners are cordially invited to attend the Annual Meeting today, May 1, at 2pm at the Lakewood Clubhouse. A special invitation is extended to homeowners who purchased their homes during 2015 and 2016. For all residents, this is your chance to meet the Board members and officers who volunteer their time to serve all the homeowners, and protect your investment in the community of Lakewood.

Today’s Events

Here are some highlights of what you can expect at today’s Annual Meeting:

  • The Board President will make a brief presentation highlighting the accomplishments in 2015.
  • Nominations and voting for an open position on the HOA Board of Directors.
  • Sherri Gallo, our City Council Member, will speak with us.
  • Pick up your new pool key! Your old key will stop working after June 1.
  • Weather permitting, there will be hot dogs and refreshments.

Saturday, October 17 set for Lakewood Annual Garage Sale

Lakewood’s community-wide annual garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, October 17th, from 8am to noon. Typically, more than 30 households participate and hundreds of buyers are attracted to the community.

Here’s how it works: you conduct your own sale at your own home on your own terms. The HOA coordinates the scheduling and promotions. This way, instead of having dozens of smaller sales scattered around the neighborhood throughout the year, we coordinate our efforts to have more people come all on one morning. This keeps traffic to a minimum in the neighborhood the rest of the year.

Participation in the garage sale is free. Lakewood HOA will place an ad in Craigslist and place a sign at Lakewood’s main entrance. You may also place a small sign in your front yard if you want. Please remove the front yard signs by 1pm.

If you have questions, please contact the HOA office at (512) 345-8367 on Mon-Wed-Fri from 8am to noon.

Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 12, at 7pm

Because we didn’t get a quorum at the previous annual meeting, we’re having the second “annual meeting” of 2015 this coming Tuesday, May 12, at 7pm at the Lakewood Clubhouse. Please, if you are unable to attend the meeting in person, fill out the proxy that was recently mailed to you and drop it off at the clubhouse at any time before the meeting. You can drop it through the mail slot in the door if someone isn’t there to take it from you.

We are legally required to get a quorum for the meeting so we can elect the Board members. If we don’t get a quorum, we’ll have to schedule another meeting and send out mailings again to everyone, costing the HOA hundreds of dollars.

If you didn’t receive a proxy or can’t find the one that was mailed to you, please stop by the clubhouse today (Friday) or Monday between 8am and noon, to pick up a proxy form and fill it out.

If possible, please talk to your neighbors and collect proxies from them if they won’t be able to attend the meeting. Thanks for your help in support of our community!

Town Hall Meeting with Sherry Gallo on April 18 about Public Safety on our Streets!

Sherry Gallo, our Austin City Council Representative for District 10, is hosting a Town Hall meeting this Saturday, April 18, from 1pm to 3pm at the Austin Board of Realtors at 4800 Spicewood Springs Road. It’s an informational meeting about public safety within our neighborhoods. Austin city staff will be discussing bike lanes, sidewalks, police presence and traffic calming options.

Public safety on our community streets was a very important discussion topic at our recent Lakewood HOA Annual Meeting. We encourage concerned Lakewood residents to attend next Saturday’s Town Hall meeting with Sherry Gallo and communicate your concerns. We need her to hear from Lakewood residents.

You can read more about the Town Hall meeting at Sherry Gallo’s Facebook page at

You can also email Sherry Gallo directly at and let her know your concerns about issues in and around our community.