Sidewalks planned for Lakewood intersection

Sidewalks are coming to the intersection of Waldon Drive and Lakewood Drive. The 5-foot sidewalks on both sides of Waldon will stretch from the intersection nearly to the first cul-de-sacs (at Grass Hollow and the units at 7205 Waldon Drive). The project seeks to make the intersection of Lakewood and Waldon safer for pedestrians from traffic entering the neighborhood at Loop 360. The City of Austin is still reviewing permit requests for the work. Cost for design and construction is estimated at $15,000.

Annual meeting to include vote on special assessment, two board positions

Lakewood homeowners will elect two HOA board members and again consider the proposed special assessment to repair ice storm damage at the annual meeting at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, June 3 at the clubhouse. A barbecue lunch and pastries will be served, so please stop by!

An Austin Fire Department mitigation expert will also speak and answer fire-related questions during the annual meeting.

Homeowners have been sent a letter with an agenda and two directed proxies in their notice of the annual meeting: one to vote for two positions open on the board and another to vote on the special assessment.

Homeowners who voted for or against the assessment before the April 26 meeting must vote again since not enough owners were present in person or by proxy to hold an official meeting on that date. Owners who attended the April 26 meeting and voted on the ballots at that meeting do not have to vote again.

The HOA board is seeking homeowners’ approval for a one-time special assessment of $175 per household to cover the cost of repairing tree damage from the February ice storm while keeping the HOA in sound financial shape. The assessment should raise the estimated $75,000 needed for the project, which should take 8 to 10 weeks.

The June 3 meeting will require a different quorum:  Only 33%, or 147, of homeowners are needed to have an official meeting. Of that quorum, 67% will be needed to pass with an affirmative vote of 99 owners.

Two positions are available on the HOA board, and current board members Michelle Polasek and Lee Rutledge are running for re-election. Read their biographies here.

Residents asked to OK special assessment for storm cleanup

Tree damaged from ice storm

To cover the cost of repairing damage from the ice storm and to keep the Lakewood Homeowners’ Association in sound financial shape, the HOA Board is seeking homeowners’ approval for a one-time special assessment of $175 per household.

The assessment should raise the approximately $75,000 needed for the project, which should take six to eight weeks.

Every homeowner has been mailed a letter and proxy form seeking approval for the expenditure. A special meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. April 26 at the Lakewood Clubhouse, where homeowners may vote in person.

Or you may vote by proxy without attending in person. A proxy voting form is enclosed with the letter. Please complete the form and take it to the HOA office, email it to or mail it no later than April 21.

“This was an extraordinary event in one of Austin’s finest neighborhoods,” the HOA Board’s letter states. “We all want our neighborhood to be safe and its natural beauty preserved. We thank you for your consideration and approval of this action.”

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Protect your mailbox

Two cluster mailboxes in Lakewood were burglarized and mail stolen in the last few weeks, the Postal Service says. No damage occurred because the culprits apparently have a master key and unlocked the boxes. A few curbside mailboxes also have been disturbed. Our mail carrier suggests all Lakewood residents – those with both cluster boxes and individual curbside boxes – pick up their mail promptly, just before the end of every day, to minimize the chance of any further thefts.