Saturday, October 25 set for Lakewood Annual Garage Sale

Lakewood’s community-wide annual garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, October 25th, from 8am to noon. Typically, more than 30 households participate and hundreds of buyers are attracted to the community.

Here’s how it works: you conduct your own sale at your own home on your own terms. The HOA coordinates the scheduling and promotions. This way, instead of having dozens of smaller sales scattered around the neighborhood throughout the year, we coordinate our efforts to have more people come all on one morning. This keeps traffic to a minimum in the neighborhood the rest of the year.

Participation in the garage sale is free. Lakewood HOA will place an ad in Craigslist and place a sign at Lakewood’s main entrance. You may also place a small sign in your front yard if you want. Please remove the front yard signs by 1pm.

If you have questions, please contact the HOA office at (512) 345-8367 on Mon-Wed-Fri from 8am to noon.

August HOA Meeting on Monday, August 4 at 6:30pm

The monthly HOA meeting is this coming Monday, August 4, at 6:30pm at the community center. The meeting agenda is now online for you to review. All people are welcome to attend to learn more about and get involved with what’s going on in the community.

For future reference, monthly HOA meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the community center (7317 Lakewood Drive).