Town Hall Meeting with Sherry Gallo on April 18 about Public Safety on our Streets!

Sherry Gallo, our Austin City Council Representative for District 10, is hosting a Town Hall meeting this Saturday, April 18, from 1pm to 3pm at the Austin Board of Realtors at 4800 Spicewood Springs Road. It’s an informational meeting about public safety within our neighborhoods. Austin city staff will be discussing bike lanes, sidewalks, police presence and traffic calming options.

Public safety on our community streets was a very important discussion topic at our recent Lakewood HOA Annual Meeting. We encourage concerned Lakewood residents to attend next Saturday’s Town Hall meeting with Sherry Gallo and communicate your concerns. We need her to hear from Lakewood residents.

You can read more about the Town Hall meeting at Sherry Gallo’s Facebook page at

You can also email Sherry Gallo directly at and let her know your concerns about issues in and around our community.

Give your Feedback to TxDOT about 360

PennybackerBridgeTxDOT is studying how to improve traffic flow on Loop 360 and wants input from citizens including Lakewood residents. A friendly and very informative TxDOT representative came to the HOA annual meeting last month and explained some of the different possibilities to us (Did you know that 360 Bridge was built to accommodate two more lanes, one in each direction?).

Learn more about TxDOT’s 360 study and submit your feedback online at