Street Seal Coating on Sept. 28-29

We rescheduled the seal coating of streets for this Monday, September 28 and Tuesday, September 29 (weather permitting). The work will begin at approximately 8am each day and will continue until about 5pm. The streets that will get coated on each day are:

Monday, September 28

  • Hiridge
  • Hillside
  • Mesa Hollow

Tuesday, September 29

  • Deer Hollow
  • Johanne Ct.
  • Hideaway

The workmen will complete the entire street in one day. No on can drive on the street for at least 24 hours after the work is completed. Depending on the temperature it may take a little longer to drive. If you do drive on it before it fully dries, the seal coat will stick to your tires and pull some of the pavement onto the tires leaving a permanent mark in the street. Please don’t drive on it beforehand and ruin it.

You can walk on the pavement after about five hours but don’t wear your favorite or best shoes.

Please make sure to move your vehicles off the street prior to the work beginning around 8am on the designated day. If you need use of your car, plan to park on a neighboring street (Lakewood, Waldon, etc.) that isn’t getting worked on before your designated day of work and the following day while the coating dries.

With your cooperation and good weather, this project will be a success!