Residents asked to OK special assessment for storm cleanup

Tree damaged from ice storm

To cover the cost of repairing damage from the ice storm and to keep the Lakewood Homeowners’ Association in sound financial shape, the HOA Board is seeking homeowners’ approval for a one-time special assessment of $175 per household.

The assessment should raise the approximately $75,000 needed for the project, which should take six to eight weeks.

Every homeowner has been mailed a letter and proxy form seeking approval for the expenditure. A special meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. April 26 at the Lakewood Clubhouse, where homeowners may vote in person.

Or you may vote by proxy without attending in person. A proxy voting form is enclosed with the letter. Please complete the form and take it to the HOA office, email it to or mail it no later than April 21.

“This was an extraordinary event in one of Austin’s finest neighborhoods,” the HOA Board’s letter states. “We all want our neighborhood to be safe and its natural beauty preserved. We thank you for your consideration and approval of this action.”

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